MARTK'D Builds A Community Around Education, Art & Culture

MARTK’D is a platform and creative agency that uses “Art” as a community engagement tool to connect, empower and provide accessible programs for communities to showcase their creative and artistic talents.

MARTK’D’s mission is to celebrate and help overlooked and underserved talent by curating educational, art, and cultural programming that provides access to career opportunities.


MARTK'D x Project Remix x Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

THANK YOU Harris County Juvenile Probation Department for trusting the MARTKD team with your youth. In celebration of the Café Momentum short film our team had. the oppounrity to host the “Your Sneaker Story” workshop for 15 youth to express their personal stories through color application on sneakers.



30 talented artists between the ages of 19-24, from across Canada, will have the opportunity to participate in a one day Art on Sneaker Workshop + Competition, falling in line with Canada’s Pride Season celebrations, powered by eBay Canada and MARTKD. Participants will learn from Dr. D’Wayne Edwards and friends from Pensole Lewis College around color application, storytelling and product presentation; as well as marketing principles from eBay Canada.


RedBull x MARTK'D

Identified and shortlisted 20 artists to come up with a one of a kind design in 20 minutes. Curated a Sneaker Art Battle program with a theme that allowed participating artists the opportunity to come up with a one of a kind design for a chance at a cash prize.Hired celebrity judges and entertainment to help raise the profile of the program and artists.

Toronto Raptors x MARTK'D

Secured 50+ artists to create Toronto Raptors theme artwork. Created an art on sneaker area for players and guests to get their sneakers customized. Hosted a series of fireside chats with well known artists and basketball personalities. Worked with local media to drive awareness to the exhibit and drive awareness to the program. 100+ pieces of artwork showcased.

Oxford Properties x MARTK'D

Curated and executed a three (3) day Art on Sneakers program that showcased local talent, engaged the community and increased traffic to the mall. The Art on Sneakers program served as a platform to celebrate the community while creating an intergenerational and multi-curtal safe space. Increased sales to partnered vendor by 63%.

Foot Locker x MARTK'D

Secured celebrity guests for a fireside chat with the theme of “Education and Culture”. Showcased artwork and photography inside Foot Locker to showcase local talent. Built out a mini sneaker exhibit with the theme of ‘For the Six” Toronto. Developed a social media and influencer program to drive awareness, traffic and sales to the store.

Cleveland Cavs x MARTK'D

Created a Call for Artists for the local arts and culture community. Design and executed an art on sneakers competition that gave artists an opportunity to be highlighted and celebrated like athletes. Partnered with local non-for-profit organizations to create a holistic approach to building a creative community for the Cavs. 500+ new guest to the Quick Loans Arena.

FootAction x MARTK'D

Designed a tournament style contest where 25 artists had a limited amount of time to come up with their own one of a kind sneaker design. Worked with local influencers and sneaker/streetwear experts to be the judges of the contest. Partnered with educational platforms to giveaway scholarships to winners. Created a talent pipeline of 100+ artists and creatives.