Our Story

In 2013, Dion Walcott the founder of MARTK’D create the platform as an event series that brought artists together to socialize with the goal of building a creative community. Within six months of launching MARTK’D, Dion quickly realized that there was a major need to create outlets for artists to showcase their talents publicly. With the spirit of providing access to education for creative communities, Dion approached OCAD University to host an “Art on Sneakers” competition as a recruitment and community engagement program, which turned into major partnership relationships from other top-tier universities, school boards and brands.

Since MARTK’D inception in 2013, the brand has created programs and partnerships internationally with the mission of providing access and awareness to artists to showcase their talent. What started as a passion for sneakers has grown to become a community for artists from all walks of life to get exposure, build networks and access careers opportunities.